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Citing electronic sourcesWhen citing electronic, Internet sources, always aim to use reliable, professional sources, preferably with author-attributable, retrievable content. The format should be:

Author's Last Name, First initial of First Name. (Year). Title - Publishing institution - Place of publication - Access/availability (exact URL) and date of use. i.e. Lavender, L. (1999). Role play. Royal University, London. Available: (accessed 27 July 2003).

It is important that you do not just include the base URL, but give the exact title of the page, even if it is longer:

For journal articles available online, use the link described write my essay for me earlier, including at the end where it is available and when you downloaded the content.

The correct structure of the reference list

Finally, let us look at an example of a ready reference list to be edited at the end of the text. This should always be in alphabetical order, separating the online references and, if available, the list of images and figures.


Beck, P., Mast, M. and Tapper, P. (1997). The History of Eastern Europe for Beginners (Writers and Readers), Writers & Readers Publishing Inc., New York.

Burkart, A. J. and Medlik, S. (1989). Tourism: Past, Present and Future, 2nd edn. Heinemann, Oxford.

Hall, D. and Brown, F. (1996). Towards a Welfare Focus for Tourism Research, Progress in Tourism and Hospitality Research, Vol. 2, pp. 41-57.

Jenkins, C. L. (1997). Third World Issues - Tourism Policies in Developing Countries, in S. Medlik, Managing Tourism, Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford, pp. 269-277.

McCarthy, M. and Kirby, T. (2004). More Taste Less Speed, The Independent, April 1. pp. 14-15.

Mitchell, R. and Hall, C. M. (2003). Consuming tourists: Food tourism consumer behaviour. In C. M. Hall, L. Sharples, R. Mitchell, N. Macionics and B. Cambourne, (eds.) Food Tourism Around the World, Butterworth-Heinemann, Oxford, pp. 60-80.

Online references

Central Intelligence Agency (2003) The World Fact Book, available at (accessed 24 March 2004).

Specific cases

For references to multiple works by one author, college essay writing help secondary sources, TV broadcasts or conferences, figures, images, and other special references, see the detailed guide on which this post is based, Elzabeth M. Ineson's description, translated into English by Endre Bártfai. Great stuff, available here.

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